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Water Saving Tips – Cape Town Water Crisis

Why are we experiencing such a severe water crisis?

According to Helen Zille (Daily Maverick), there are three main reasons why we are in such dire straits; drought, government response and public response. We have had three years of below average rainfall and while some people have responded very well and cut back on water usage, others have not. With regards to governmental blunders, I was honestly just too irritated to write anything after reading about how badly this has been managed so for more info visit here.

Another terrifying stat to ruin your day: The average level for dams across the Western Cape for the week starting 23 October is 36.5% (2016: 62%).


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Top Tips for Saving Water

  1. Keep a bucket in your shower to collect water

  2. water plants

  3. flush toilet

  4. clean your car – do not use a hosepipe

  1. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving

  1. With regards to flushing your toilet – if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down

  1. Wait for a full load before running washing machines and dishwashers. The rinse water from some washing machines can be re-used for the next wash cycle

  1. Defrost foods in the fridge or naturally, rather than placing it under running water

  1. Find and fix water leaks

  1. Don’t fill up your swimming pool

  1. Shower, don’t bath

  1. Limit your showers to 2 mins, each minute uses about 10 liters

If you want to take you water saving to the next level you can start by looking at how much water it takes to produce your food, particularly meat. The production of meat uses a disastrous amount of water. If you’re not ready to make the move to vegetarianism, you can begin this process by celebrating meat-free Mondays. To illustrate this consumption crisis I have added a cool little poster below.


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