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Social Impact Investment – Afternoon Tea with Robert Brozin

I have been meaning for a while now to meet up with Robert Brozin, CEO of Nandos. Robert has continuously supported my environmental endeavours with Four Elements Conservation as well as offering me words of wisdom regarding my future. Today we had a wonderful sit-down and discussed some very necessary topics: how does one make charitable work a living and a feasible business solution?

Robert explained to me that we cannot expect people and existing non-profits to adopt environmentally sustainable doctrines without a viable business plan, “we need to start employing corporate executive leaders to run social change organisations in order to make efficient and high impact change”. This is obviously easier said than done but, it is vital in creating the necessary developments that the world needs today.

Robert also suggested that I do some research into a guy called Sir Ronald Cohen and his idea of Social Impact Investment. Here is a brilliant clip of Sir Ronald Cohen explaining the concept himself.

Despite many efforts to focus my passion and energy into one high-impact and sustainable project, I am still distracted by the possibility of  all of my other inconsequential ideas. For the next few months while I finish my undergraduate studies I have given myself permission to continue to explore all of the possible options for myself and also to simply dream BIG. In the words of Greg McKeown, author of the brilliant book, Essentialism, one must distinguish between “the vital few and the trivial many” to avoid being a jack of all trades and master of none.

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