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A First for Africa – Ethiopia Turns Trash into Energy

A big concern for many African countries, Ethiopia included, is the management of waste and its disposal. Addis Ababa, the Capital of Ethiopia, is creating waves with an innovative and sustainable solution to this problem. This city has has created an energy plant that transforms waste into energy which is, in turn, used for electricity.


In 2017, the biggest rubbish dump in Ethiopia, Koshe, saw approximately 114 die due to a small market of waste collection and selling.

which was home to hundreds of people

In Ethiopia, its largest rubbish dump Koshe was for almost 50 years, home to hundreds of people who collect and resell rubbish trucked in from around the capital Addis Ababa. It, however, made headlines last year when it killed about 114 people, compelling the government to rethink an alternative use for the site which is said to be the size of 36 football pitches.

The plant, which was expected to begin operation in January, will incinerate 1,400 tons of waste every day. This represents about 80 percent of the city’s waste generation. The plant will also supply the people with 30 percent of their household electricity needs.

Waste managing is a major challenge in Several African Countries, solid wastes and other types of wastes have been a colossal topic of dispute; from collection to managing it and disposing of it properly. Doing this right is the hard part of poor waste management could cause disease outbreaks and Erosion/Flooding as the cases may be for different Cities.

The waste-to-energy incineration plant will burn the rubbish in a combustion chamber. The heat produced will be used to boil water until it turns to steam, which drives a turbine generator that produces electricity.

Waste-to-energy incineration is also vital for cities where land is in short supply, as apart from generating electricity, space will be saved and there is a substantial prevention of the release of toxic chemicals into groundwater, and reduction in the release of the greenhouse gas (methane) into the atmosphere.

Let me know in the comments if you know of any other innovative ways to sustainably get rid of rubbish and waste.

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