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sustainability consultant & social entrepreneur

Olivia has been the CEO and founder of the non-profit company, Four Elements Conservation, for 9 years. After completing her degree in Political Science and Philosophy, Olivia decided to gain experience doing ESG work in order to better her understanding of the intricate relationships between the environment, people & governance, and how these can play a role in safeguarding the planet.

"I am privileged to have been born and raised in South Africa and have travelled extensively throughout the continent. I am currently working as a sustainability consultant in Cape Town and I help to generate for-profit, sustainable projects that benefit both local communities and the environment."

Olivia has two broad conservation ambitions, the first is to make sustainability sexy and accessible to the masses and, the second ambition is to bridge the gap between first world governance & financial clout coupled with the nuanced knowledge gained in emerging markets that help people to understand very big, complex issues.

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Olivia Earth in the news

"The world of conservation does not discriminate. It doesn't matter what race, age or gender you are - you are measured by your impact."

"My generation is the most educated generation yet - we have grown up with a wealth of information at our fingertips. If we choose to ignore climate change we are simply ignorant, there are no more excuses."

“During my time working for the Bearded Vulture Project I met some amazing people who have inspired me to pursue my dream. This is to open people’s eyes to the beauty of the natural world and the importance of preserving it as well as to teach young people about the power of their voices.”